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Standart US research shows that the Astra vaccine protects 74% of severe coronavirus cases and

AstraZeneca reveals results of theสมัครslotxoAmerican Clinical Trial Covid-19, the company's vaccine found to be developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford. It prevents 74% of symptomatic infections and increases to 83.5% for people aged 65 and over. Full FDA approval is coming soon.

This overall efficiency of 74% is below the interim figure of 79% that AstraZeneca reported in March. It was revised to 76% a day after it was criticized by health officials. It is a number based on outdated information.

The latest data released by the British pharmaceutical company in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday (Sept. 29) is based on clinical trials involving more than 26,000 American, Chilean and Peruvian volunteers receiving the vaccine. The quantity is 1 month apart.

The report said no COVID-19 patients were in severe or critical condition. Among the more than 17,600 subjects who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, this was compared to eight infected and seriously ill or seriously ill among the more than 8,500 subjects who received a placebo vaccine. The group also had two deaths, but no deaths were found in the vaccinated group.

Dr. Anna Durbin, a vaccine specialist at Johns Hopkins University, was one of the researchers in the study. Show surprise and great pleasure. Overall results indicate that the AstraZeneca vaccine is very effective in preventing severe symptoms and hospitalization.

This study found no thromboembolic events associated with low platelets. This is a rare side effect in people who received the vaccine that AstraZeneca co-developed with researchers at the British University of Oxford.

In addition, at the end of July AstraZeneca revealed that Plans to apply for a COVID-19 vaccine, CEO Pascal Soriet said while he hoped the AstraZeneca vaccine would be available. play an important role in America Although the processes It will take longer than expected.
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